Otaku ramblings

Greetings human(s),


That may just sum up this entire blog. Well, that is  if you think manga, anime, cosplayers, wigs, Vocaloids, otakus, fangirls, para para, and more of that good randomness is “Weird” . Oh speaking of that, did you see Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos ?

I had seen it on the first day it came out. It was good. I was happy that no one called Edward short. It was subbed and Winry’s voice was so cute ^_^

Oh, I forgot to mention I ramble on A LOT!!

Moving on…

Oh yeah, I’ve been working on an L cosplay (from deathnote)

Image from: layoutsparks.com

Yeah, I wore it to AX  (Anime Expo). It sucked. I’m still fixing my wig TT_TT

Too fluffy. Too flat. Too sharp. Cheap wig (not enough “hair”). and all in all it cost $100.  >_<

My friend and I are trying to learn the Sailor Fuku dance! So fun ^_^ (The dance is from Lucky Star)

Oh yeah!!!

I’m working on a Haruhi Fujioka coaplay. (Ouran High school Host Club)

Image from: Fanpop

Ok well I will leave you now (class is almost over)


P.S. Sorry for poor spelling, I don’t feel like I have time to go back and fix it -_-;


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