So Long to the King of Kong?

King of Kong; A Fistful of Quarters revolves around Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell, and occasionally Walter Day. Basically, Billy is the King Kong champ, but Steve challenges that. The scores rally, and near the end it appears the Billy has gotten the final score. Steve tried his best and feels like he won something. But, later Guinness calls Walter Day, the referee, and asks for tops scores on some of the classic games. Walter then asks Steve if he would participate. At the end, Steve surpasses Billy’s top score and becomes the world champion.

When Steve Wiebe puts his mind to something, he does it. He’s a teacher, an athlete, artist, a bit of a musician, and more than a bit compulsive. Trouble is, he’s not very lucky. He puts pressure on himself and lets it get to him. Through the course of this film he loses himself while beating Donkey Kong. He starts to slip from his family (Wife and two kids) As his Daughter said “Some people ruin their lives to be in it” It being Guinness. He got the 1st Kill-screen at Fun spot. On Aug. 3, 2006 Steve got his high score of 1,049,100.

Billy Mitchell had the top score for Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR. After Steve got what was a supposed high-score (nine hundred thousand something) He (Billy) sent in a never before seen tape that held this record. This tape may or may not have been tampered with. That score was 1,047,200. Steve beat this score by the end of the film. Billy has a wife and runs a restaurant. “He always has a plan” as his wife and others have said.

Walter Day is the referee. He is all “For the players” He helps support Steve throughout the film. He plays the guitar.

For a spell video games consume Steve. They create a challenge for Billy and they cause different problems for others.

The music and editing sets up the mood for what is happening or what is to come next. It makes you expect and suspect. The movie and its editing play in favor of Steve. Example: it down plays Roy, who could be seen as a problem and doesn’t shed the best light on Billy. The music was upbeat for good gaming. The music is sad when Steve is beaten again. The editing takes a break from the story line, concluding for the first “end” and wrapping it up for a few months. The final concluding music is happy, upbeat, and triumphant. They use Talking heads and other techniques.

I paid more attention and learned more about editing. I also learned more about classic gaming.

I liked King of Kong. The editing and music made it entertaining. The storyline was interesting. They portrayed the characters so you felt sympathetic for Steve. You don’t need to love or know much about video games to enjoy this film.


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