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Hey Human(s)!!!

Ok so right now I’m thinking about wigs…

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Ok that’s enough wigs….I must get off google images…

Yeah, Ok. Well the reason is that my friends and I are gonna go and put on our wigs after school and be awesome. Ok so only two plus of us are gonna have the wigs on… Ok anyway, I have a few tips on wigs.

Ok so If you have long hair as I did (28 inches long) What I would do was I’d braid my hair in the center of the back of my head, and wrap the braid around the back of your head. (I took a video a few months ago so maybe ill fix it up and post it.) and then pit it up like CRAZY!!! I’m talking like 30-50 bobby-pins and clips. Once you have that done, use hairspray (I recommend aquanet, I forget which one but I know it’s purple….So helpful.) Then put on your wig-cap. Make sure it’s more or less flat. Now put your wig on. Make sure to get the flap-tab like things on your temples. Now style your wig and you should be good. You may have a bump under the wig so I recommend making it a tad bit messy.

Ok so short hair. I’m still getting used to mine (been a month, its short now) . But I’ll say what I know (I’ll post more info as I go) So brush your hair. Try different ways. Ok so put the wig-cap on so it goes over the back of your head and gets the end of your hair. then bring that up and get your bangs (if you have them) and tuck your bangs in. I have found another way but I need to see if it works for other people as well. Ok so when you have the wig-cap on. you can choose to or not to spray it. Then put the wig on, and make sure to get the flap-tab like things on your temples. Now style your wig and you should be good.

OH YEAH!!!! Ok so remember to pin the wig to your hair! So it doesn’t fall/blow/get ripped off. Also make sure to put the little hooks on the back of the wig on the correct size!! If you don’t your wig could be way too big or way too small!! and you will have the hooks sticking out the back… not cool.

Ok so I’ve lost track of my point. I’ll just post this now…

Bye ni!!



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