Michel Gondry

Ok, so here is the first thing I want to say about Michel Gondry, hes a Fricken crazy awesome dude…(!)

I mean… Look at him

Ok so on the the (‘actual’) info…

I enjoy the dream like state that many/most of his videos have. They all had a bit of a story (at least to me…) Good color most of the time. They are creative and 112% unique. The stage effects are cool, realistic when needed, or fake when needed. The camera angles add dept (or take it away when useful). The repetition is really fun. And a lot of it is just having more than one person st the same time, or layering the videos. Also, the choreography makes it 20% more awesome. Everything has a purpose, even if its just to trip you up.

[Hahaha and just for one of my friends, one video has yaoi hands :3 have a good day Nya-sama]

The videos needed patience, for sight, creativity, a bit of skill, and a pinch of luck (well with some of the videos). And I don’t think that anyone else could have made anything much better. Also, its amazing that he can make some of these with one take!!



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