“Let Forever Be”, A Photoshop First

Ok so weird picture right? I mean, four people who look more or less exactly the same with a wide gap between skin tones. That’s not “normal” is it? Well nether are Michel Gondry’s videos. A large amount of his videos have a repetitive theme. And that’s exactly where this came from (Ok well first it entered my head from my eyes, then to my brain, then off to Photoshop, then to my blog, and now to your/a screen). I was inspired by the music video “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers. I enjoyed the repetitiveness of the video (weird… I’m being repetitive about being repetitive… O.O wow) So In the video there was a part where the person went into her head (at least, that’s how I saw it) and turned into something a bit like the picture I (tried) to create. The techniques I used were probably the most basic ones that you could. All I did was cut out the pictures, layer them, move them to were I wanted, and copied and pasted a few times. And that’s it…. ^_^; Yeah, I could have done more but I’m me… Well I think that’s all I have to say

Bye ni!!


P.S. I’ll post the video later.

P.P.S. I just remembered that she may have had a pink skirt on… not a red dress… >_< … Well its too late now… Nya…

And here is the video 


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