L related randomness… (^_^)


So Fricken excited!!! So yesterday I saw my cousins and guess what… :3 They gave me an awesome late birthday gift. An L figure and also a L phone strap. Sorry that my typing is off and I skipped the greeting, but… well I don’t have an excuse… nya… Anyway, So I haven’t taken it out yet.

Speaking of L, I’m fed up with my wig (Kira, write pathetic 100$ excuse for an L wig in the Deathnote please) So last night I tried to make my hair like L’s and it came sorta close. But I had to go to sleep (it was late ok…Or early if you want) so because I was annoyed I rubbed my hairspray covered head with a towel for no real reason, and I got it to look even better than my wig (still didn’t look perfect but im still working on it…) And I lost my eyeliner so I need to find that… Soon… =_=;

Ok well class is about to end, so I’ll finish this up at lunch…maybe… Tumblr might redirect me… (^_^;) K bye ni!!


PS I’ll post tons of pics soon!!!


[Note to self; Tell Nya-Sama about the YH vid…]


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