tumblr is my life

…Tumblr has takeover (and become) my life… Really, on Saturday I hung out with some friends at one of their houses. We were awesome and were on tumblr a bit, played video games, wore wigs, all that awesome crap. Then I get gone at around 11 (I think), and I stayed on until ~5:35 – 6 AM… then i slept and went back on… (O_O) In fact, I was just on tumblr… (>_<;) I blame my friends who made me an account. The reason I didn’t make one was because I knew I would get this way… I’m a very obsessive person… Nya… Ok well I post weird random anime, homestuck, quotes, and that sorta stuff… yeah, ok well my URL is http://brainofthebored.tumblr.com/   ….I warn you now, If you are hesitating, try later. I do reblog some weird stuff… Hehehehe yes, weird stuff (please don’t run!!!)



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