Spike Jonze

Ok so Spike Jonze is a fun director. He started out making music videos for skaters. His work isn’t as recognizable as some others (like Michel Gondry), but I’ll get to that later. His videos are fun (as mentioned before) He has many one that are high-concept. They may look simple, but they really are extravagant. One that comes to mind was a video (I’ll add the name later) where the main thing you saw was a man on fire running to catch the bus, you then see that this was all seen by a bored little girl in a car driving by. He has an interesting style.  He incorporates unrealistic things with real things in such a way that you question it. They are all very well thought out. He does a lot of ‘firsts’. He influences other styles.

So my personal favorite music video that Spike Jonze directed (at lest of the ones we have watched in class) would probably be Praise You by Fatboy Slim. Here’s why,


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