Like A Huss!


(O_O; the colors changed shades… >_<)

Well now, the homestucks might be mad for a) not wonderful  b) he has a mouth…well a bit of a mouth c) it’s Hussie. or happy for a) it’s Hussie, the colors?… Anyway, on to the information!

Beta Troll horns

Okay, so to create this picture of Hussie, I first found a live photo of him. I then imported the file into AI. Then, I chose colors (3) and made 3 layers. On each layer a different color went. In this case, the three colors of the horns. (Red, yellow, orange) On the first layer (orange) I traced his head. I then filled if in with the Blob brush. After, I went on the second layer (red) brought it to the top/front, and traced and filled in his hair and glasses. Then I went back to the orange layer, and traced his/ Sollux’s horns. I then went to the 3rd layer and brought it to the front. That layer was Yellow. I went over a few of his facial features. Not many as you can see. I then added the yellow background, and text. A technique I should have used was the “color swap” technique. It is where you select a part of the picture  and “swap” the color. It will fill it in if you do it right… which I did not. Okay, so I chose Hussie’s face because I am in my homestuck faze… I am a proud homestuck!(Hussie is the creator of homestuck if you didn’t know…) So the color choice was because of the troll’s horns. Also, I was inspired by Shepard Fairey. Yep…


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