Epic Doom Metal

So epic doom metal has a slower deeper over all sound (base, guitar, drums,etc). Unlike some other forms of metal, most  of the lyrics are clean. Lyrics tend to be about suffering, loss, drugs, life’s challenges.The quality of the vocals tend to be “clean”, that is, you can understand they lyrics, they may have curse words.

Skulls, long black hoods, contrast in color (Black&white with occasional red, or blue or green), A form of a blend of gothic, punk, metal seems to be used for the text and over all style. Electric guitars,weapons, satanic symbols, dark, snakes, male domination, crosses, dark angles, old beliefs/ rituals,fire, a bit of death, wide eyes, Shinigami (death gods/gods of death), storms, fantasy, souls, supernatural.

I hope this helps!! If you want more info, leave a comment and I’ll reply when I can!!




3 thoughts on “Epic Doom Metal

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  2. I don’t know if you could help me,I am looking for the grave site for Scalds late singer?Maxim Agyl Adrianov.Died in 1997 train accident in Russia?I’m not sure?

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