Nero’s Undead Legions

Created by: Kardena Velasquez

Created by: Kardena P. Velasquez

So I used two skulls and a transmutation circle because they can symbolize the undead legions. The incomplete human transmutation circle can represent bringing back the two humans, or skulls, as well as the “satanic rituals” as I mentioned in my last post. The black background is a fairly common in epic doom metal, as well as other genres that are similar. Also, the red skull and the white skull contrast each other, as well as the background. Okay, so the tools I used were the paintbrush tool to trace the twin skulls. The text tool for the…well the text. The ellipse tool on the transmutation circle, as well as the line tool for the transmutation circle. Other than that, I just manipulated the color, and moved a few layers to the front or back depending on where I thought It looked best. I was going to do more with the human transmutation circle, but I also think it looks good as it is.


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