About: HALT! WARNING: I need to update this, much has changed since I first posted this.

Hey Human(s)!!!

[And just because I feel like it, I’m gonna add in some Japanese…Ready, GO!!!]

はじめまして。 私はオタクです。よろしく おねがいします。

So within the past year I have become an otaku (recently my friend infected me with his weeaboo-ness [is that add on to a fake word real…?] , so I’m trying to fix that… TT_TT ). So I will be posting things like anime and manga reviews, cosplay, epic dances, and Vocaloid stuff. Or just other random things. Over the summer I took a beginners Japanese class so maybe I’ll do some cool stuff with that.  Oh!!! Also, I will be posting class assignments (as this is a part of my class…).

Ok so a bit more about me (that sounded self-centered…) Hmmm, let’s see… I enjoy most music (I am sorry to all who like them, but things like bubble-gum-pop-pretty-boy-bands don’t exactly appeal to me…) I enjoy reading, writing (maybe I’ll share some poems and/or short stories or something with you later). I like dancing (although, I’m not exactly what you would call a professional… Or “good”. Well at “normal dances” I like things like para para and stuff),  Drawing/ doodling, daydream, school, sometimes homework (Yeah, Yeah. Look, I know I’m weird ok?)

Ok well I must abscond

Image from: forumfree.it

Bye ni!! (Desu :3 [>_< NO! No Weeaboo! Bad!!])


P.S. I am now trying to learn |_337 to please put up with me…or leave…your choice


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