WH4T NOW?? 1M B4CK!!

wh4t now

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Heey Guys!!

So welcome back! Sorry I haven’t been been posting. I’ve been catching up on homestuck. (Still really far behind though T_T) So some awesome things that happened over the break were: I hung with my moirail and friends a lot. We cosplayed and stuff. I’ve chosen Edward Elric to be the one I cosplay to Anime Expo. And maybe Kanaya. My new years resolutions were:

  • Do a Panda Coffee (Kawala tea- quality) coplay!!
  • Get into MAD
  • And get a matesprit!

Yeah…That’s probably not going to happen… Whatever.

Hehehe Over the break My friend got some Australian visitors. The male thought I was “her french” and a dude. Yay. So they are chill. We are trying to make them homestucks.

The female also had the patron troll of Kanaya so that was nice. Emma said we couldn’t use the chainsaw so we used a saw to get firewood instead. We had the trouble of talking about the weather. What, with the difference of confusing “standard” (sending a letter to the Obama about changing that) and metric temp and the likes. I am working on a kankri vantas cosplay again for music stuck, or I might just be lame and go as John Egbert  . I hope my friend finally gets his hair cut correctly for a tavros cosplay….and makes horns…maybe even get some grey body paint. or mix acrylic paint with PAX and get face paint  All in all, we need to work on our cosplays!

Oh Yeah! Guys, It was snowing up at my house!! Like a ton! But the intense thing was, down in the town, it was glubbing sunny!!

Sorry that this was so random (>-<) I will do another post about this kinda stuff later, I hope you all had a good new years and happy holidays if you celebrated any!

Have a random (small) cloak



Nero’s Undead Legions: Failed Transmutation

Failed Transmutation Front CoverFailed Transmutation Back Cover

Okay, so before I say anything, let me explain the colors. They are NOT HAPPY! No, in homestuck all the trolls (i just love them… all of them) have a different blood color (or different variations of the same colors, EX: teal, dark blue. or jade and neon green), so a rainbow means everyone is dead. Great, I’m glad we got that all cleared up. Moving on.

Let’s start with explaining the front cover. I used the text tool. Font: Old English (or some variation) I placed a picture of a human transmutation and inverted the color. The reason is, to attempt to transmute a human is the worst possible sin. It would corrupt the alchemist and the rest of the world. The zodiac signs can also be perceived as doom and unholy, as they can represent the trolls, death, doc scratch (end of the world), and a cult. Other than that I just opened up a new tab and opened the symbols and cut and pasted them into the front cover. Also, this was done on Adobe Photoshop.

Back cover… Well as I am a homestuck and Kurloz Makara’s head (or mouth rather) popped into my head for this. I used it because, it’s like he was pushed to the point that he ripped open his sewn mouth. All I did was  find a perfect a picture of Kurloz and changed the color. Then, I just added the songs (COLORS = DEATH), the barcode (666), and Nero’s band logo.

Also, Can’t Keep the Clown Down (CaNt DoWn ThE cLoWn) and TRIGGERED are homestuck references. I know I could have done more with the front cover to make it more epic doom metal, but I do like how it came out.

Nero’s Undead Legions

Created by: Kardena Velasquez

Created by: Kardena P. Velasquez

So I used two skulls and a transmutation circle because they can symbolize the undead legions. The incomplete human transmutation circle can represent bringing back the two humans, or skulls, as well as the “satanic rituals” as I mentioned in my last post. The black background is a fairly common in epic doom metal, as well as other genres that are similar. Also, the red skull and the white skull contrast each other, as well as the background. Okay, so the tools I used were the paintbrush tool to trace the twin skulls. The text tool for the…well the text. The ellipse tool on the transmutation circle, as well as the line tool for the transmutation circle. Other than that, I just manipulated the color, and moved a few layers to the front or back depending on where I thought It looked best. I was going to do more with the human transmutation circle, but I also think it looks good as it is.

Epic Doom Metal

So epic doom metal has a slower deeper over all sound (base, guitar, drums,etc). Unlike some other forms of metal, most  of the lyrics are clean. Lyrics tend to be about suffering, loss, drugs, life’s challenges.The quality of the vocals tend to be “clean”, that is, you can understand they lyrics, they may have curse words.

Skulls, long black hoods, contrast in color (Black&white with occasional red, or blue or green), A form of a blend of gothic, punk, metal seems to be used for the text and over all style. Electric guitars,weapons, satanic symbols, dark, snakes, male domination, crosses, dark angles, old beliefs/ rituals,fire, a bit of death, wide eyes, Shinigami (death gods/gods of death), storms, fantasy, souls, supernatural.

I hope this helps!! If you want more info, leave a comment and I’ll reply when I can!!



Exit Through the Gift Shop

[Okay, so just a heads up, it has been a while since I’ve seen the movie that I’m going to be blogging about… With that said, let’s go!]

So Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant, learns that his cousin is Invader. And since Thierry always has a camera on hand, he asks if he can start filming him. After a while, Thierry starts getting his name out there, with the street art community that is. Thierry keeps hearing more and more about Banksy. He tries to find more about him, to no avail. But, one day, he gets a call from Banksy. Thierry, whose street art name is Mister Brainwash, starts filming Banksy and the public’s reaction. Because Banksy says Mister Brainwash’s art is good, galleries show his work, yet not excepting other artists works. From what I can remember, the movie was okay as a whole, but sometimes it was hard to follow what was happening. Also, when showing Banksy I remember it was a bit cheap, for want of a better word. But I do remember enjoying all the art. And although the interviews with some of the artists were a bit tedious (if I remember correctly that is), they were useful and helped the viewer understand what was happening.

Okay, so no offence to Mister Brainwash and his art, but in my opinion Banksy and Shepard Fairey’s art had a bit more meaning to it. Shepard Fairey’s art and Banksy’s had a similar feel about it. The color scheme, black and white with red and maybe some blue (the blue mostly for Fairey), and the messages. Shepard Fairey was very political with his art. I believe Banksy’s was as well, just to a different extent. Mister Brainwash’s style seemed like it was just another take off. Fairey looked like someone you wouldn’t likely suspect of street art. Banksy was full of mystery, the one face no one seemed to know, and Guetta was a bit of a joke. I know that I’m now giving him very much credit, but honestly, I guess he didn’t leave a very good impression last year.

Okay, so here are a few of the mysterious Banksy’s pieces:

So for this piece I liked the location, I think it’s perfect here. A ‘beggar’ in an alleyway asking for change, but not coins. I also really enjoyed the message. While everyone gets their own message, I got that ‘We (the public) don’t want your (business’s) coins (bribes). Also, showing that people are not content with the way things are. The contrast of the black and while on the bright red brick wall not only makes it pop and look good, it also shows that ‘basic’ ideas can have greater and many meanings, in other words, simplicity at first glance can actually have great complications  If you got something different from this, art is art, take it how you will.

This piece had so much to say I just hope I can say all I need to with out confusing you. I liked how the roles of the two people are switched. The young girl is searching the soldier. He has laid down his weapon. The girl in my mind symbolises the general public. She does not trust the soldier, who represents the government or big corporations. She’s just searching him like she’s owed it, and he’s just taking it like that’s how it is meant to be, or rather, like that’s all he’s been taught. I like the colors, not to harsh. They get the message out there. Also, the location, where a pedestrian or other person might be searched in the real world. I enjoy how the feet stop at the ankles. Somehow, it gives it even more character.

This is yet another inspirational piece. It shows how now and in years to come, we are not told to set out for our dreams. We are given the jobs needed to be done. It shows a man who once had his own dreams, now being sent to cancel other’s. He does this because this is his job. I liked how the ‘Follow your dreams’ looks less “professional” than the ‘Cancelled’. This piece almost seems like the man had once scrawled the bold text on the wall, only to have to take back the words years later. I like how each ‘part’, if you will, is in a different color. The ‘Follow your dreams’, the ‘Cancelled’, and the man. Also, I like how Banksy seems to give most to many of his pieces a new background. I can’t seem to find anything else I would like to put into words about Banksy’s art. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Spike Jonze California Movie Poster

The color for the man got erased… >_<

Okay, so for this project I used Adobe Illustrator to make a movie poster for Spike Jonze’s California music video. The tools I uses were the paintbrush too, the blob brush, and text tool. So here’s what it boils down to, I inserted the photos into a new file (each image on different layers) and on each layer, traced (drew) around the important parts with the paintbrush.to do this I zoomed in and put the brush on .1 for size. Before I colored with the blob brush (I’ll get to that in a minute) I added in text for the title.  To make it unique, you select it with the black arrow, and then double-click with the white to change the structure. To change the color, select with the black arrow, and then chose your desired color from the side panel or change it from the bottom left hand corner. Ok so back to the blob brush (Cool name, no?). What I liked to do was make a new layer and send it to the back for color. Okay so that, and then select the blob brush, and your color. Next just color in approximately what you want. To modify where the color goes, just select it with the black arrow, then move it around with the white just like with the text.

The imagery I used was extremely simple and I could have done a better job.  I didn’t finish coloring in the poster, and my lines were shaky on the inside of the car as well with parts of the bus. I spent too much time on the man and the fire. As so, I did not complete the poster. I also did not add in all the text. All in all, it was a good introduction to Adobe Illustrator. At least in my mind.

Oh, one other thing, I downloaded the wrong file so I had actually colored in and fixed almost everything, alas, I clicked the wrong file. Oh well, live and let learn


Titles of many sorts

The Ghost Writer movie title

I liked this title because it gives you an idea of the movie. Probably a mystery. It makes you wonder what it will be about. It’s creative. Also,I like how the letters (letters and papers ^_^)

The virgin suicides movie title

I like how there are so many different styles of the same title. Also, the little doodles give it little something extra. It looks like it is on a black bord. but then like its on clouds. Like someone’s thoughts. I think its cool.

High Sierra 1941 Film noir movie title

I didn’t really like this one because it lookes like they may have tryed a bit too hard. also, the angel sorta hurts my eyes… Maybe if they took the quotes off, made the color a bit less bright, and took off the “pricks” it would be better