Hey humans,

just a quick post before class, I just wanted to

A) thank you for checking out my blog


B) I will start posting more soon!!

Yeah, I know I’m pointless :3





YESTERDAY WAS L’S BIRTHDAY!!!!! I saw some epic things on tumblr that I will try to reblog later!!! X3 …Heh (^_^;)

gotta go, class


tumblr is my life

…Tumblr has takeover (and become) my life… Really, on Saturday I hung out with some friends at one of their houses. We were awesome and were on tumblr a bit, played video games, wore wigs, all that awesome crap. Then I get gone at around 11 (I think), and I stayed on until ~5:35 – 6 AM… then i slept and went back on… (O_O) In fact, I was just on tumblr… (>_<;) I blame my friends who made me an account. The reason I didn’t make one was because I knew I would get this way… I’m a very obsessive person… Nya… Ok well I post weird random anime, homestuck, quotes, and that sorta stuff… yeah, ok well my URL is http://brainofthebored.tumblr.com/   ….I warn you now, If you are hesitating, try later. I do reblog some weird stuff… Hehehehe yes, weird stuff (please don’t run!!!)


L related randomness… (^_^)


So Fricken excited!!! So yesterday I saw my cousins and guess what… :3 They gave me an awesome late birthday gift. An L figure and also a L phone strap. Sorry that my typing is off and I skipped the greeting, but… well I don’t have an excuse… nya… Anyway, So I haven’t taken it out yet.

Speaking of L, I’m fed up with my wig (Kira, write pathetic 100$ excuse for an L wig in the Deathnote please) So last night I tried to make my hair like L’s and it came sorta close. But I had to go to sleep (it was late ok…Or early if you want) so because I was annoyed I rubbed my hairspray covered head with a towel for no real reason, and I got it to look even better than my wig (still didn’t look perfect but im still working on it…) And I lost my eyeliner so I need to find that… Soon… =_=;

Ok well class is about to end, so I’ll finish this up at lunch…maybe… Tumblr might redirect me… (^_^;) K bye ni!!


PS I’ll post tons of pics soon!!!


[Note to self; Tell Nya-Sama about the YH vid…]

|_34|2/\/1/\/9 |_337

‘/0, $|_||> |>30|>13,

Hahaha, so as you can (hopefully) see, I am trying to learn |_337 (leet). It turns out that I have been speaking a light version for a while (“for the win”, “haxorz” and other stuff). And it turns out that my friend that turns out to “speak” |_337  has no clue (‘/34|-|, 1/\/\ +41|<1/\/9 +0 ‘/0|_| |>4+.-!<|<) what it even is. I had first actually read it in Mega Tokyo. (3\/1|_ |_337 |=0.- 7|-|3 \/\/1/\/!) So I’m just gonna practice now.. so my speech isn’t that good (or bad if you wanna go that way)

0|< |3’/3 /\/1!!

– |<|>\/

just found this one (under). its the shirt from MT


‘Sup Humans,

Ok so this time it’s a (short-ish) anime review (Enter desired sound effect).

Well I ink you will like it. I hope you at least like it a squiddle bit. Hehe, yes I am talking in squid-dialect from Ikamusume (Squid Girl).


I’m not completely sure why, but many people think it (Squid Girl) is….something else >_> … <_< …>_<

It’s more Moe that anything that you are thinking… REALLY!!!

I mean does this look that bad to you (If you are like one of my friends…please don’t answer that ^_^;)

Image from: ichimonai.com

Ok so this is one of my FAVORITE anime. It’s funny, it has humor (Squid dialect is epic. I mean can you really hate someone who uses squid in everything?)

Image from: failillithjezebeth.wordpress.com

The plot it fun. She comes to the Surface World to dominate the ~200 humans and ends up with a part time job.

Desu… this is a poor post, I’m just a squiddle bit tired. I’ll post more of this later today. I need to refresh my memory be watching Ikamusume tonight (Yes, a reason to watch anime without people wondering if I should be doing other “homework”)

Oh yeah, try making this hat…it’s fun

Image from: cowboybibimbop.soup.io

Bye Ni!!!


(I WILL add more later. I swear on L’s strawberry-cake!! That is…If my internet is working… TT_TT )


And we’re back! (Took long enough, Internet wasn’t working (it is now 11:08 PM….)

Ok so I tried to refresh my memory by watching I Ink Its a Radio?

After doing that (actually, I watched only the 2nd half…) I remembered that I just love the characters. They are unique and you can relate to all of them… well at least a little bit…. usually? Heh ^_^; Ok, well I mean, we’ve all been in  slightly similar situations at  some point or other. (I won’t go into detail because I will ruin so many great things… sorry)

Another great thing about it is that if you were miss an episode, you wouldn’t be absolutely lost. Sure there’s an especially important one here and there, but mostly you can just watch whatever episode you want.

Oh! And it have a few episodes meant to scare you the tiniest bit (Spoiler [sorta…]: That is, if you are {easily…?) creeped out by dolls and the likes like I am… O_O ) . And I mean, there are a few action scenes, and things that make you want to help the environment more!

Ok well I think my internet has been at it long enough (this is one of the reasons I don’t like living where I do…. That, and I’m convinced Slender Man is my neighbor… Maybe next time I’ll be random and talk about that… incident… O_O” …Maybe when it’s daytime…and I’m not at the place in question…yeah)

[And for the second time in one post…]

Bye ni!!