WH4T NOW?? 1M B4CK!!

wh4t now

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Heey Guys!!

So welcome back! Sorry I haven’t been been posting. I’ve been catching up on homestuck. (Still really far behind though T_T) So some awesome things that happened over the break were: I hung with my moirail and friends a lot. We cosplayed and stuff. I’ve chosen Edward Elric to be the one I cosplay to Anime Expo. And maybe Kanaya. My new years resolutions were:

  • Do a Panda Coffee (Kawala tea- quality) coplay!!
  • Get into MAD
  • And get a matesprit!

Yeah…That’s probably not going to happen… Whatever.

Hehehe Over the break My friend got some Australian visitors. The male thought I was “her french” and a dude. Yay. So they are chill. We are trying to make them homestucks.

The female also had the patron troll of Kanaya so that was nice. Emma said we couldn’t use the chainsaw so we used a saw to get firewood instead. We had the trouble of talking about the weather. What, with the difference of confusing “standard” (sending a letter to the Obama about changing that) and metric temp and the likes. I am working on a kankri vantas cosplay again for music stuck, or I might just be lame and go as John Egbert  . I hope my friend finally gets his hair cut correctly for a tavros cosplay….and makes horns…maybe even get some grey body paint. or mix acrylic paint with PAX and get face paint  All in all, we need to work on our cosplays!

Oh Yeah! Guys, It was snowing up at my house!! Like a ton! But the intense thing was, down in the town, it was glubbing sunny!!

Sorry that this was so random (>-<) I will do another post about this kinda stuff later, I hope you all had a good new years and happy holidays if you celebrated any!

Have a random (small) cloak



Nero’s Undead Legions: Failed Transmutation

Failed Transmutation Front CoverFailed Transmutation Back Cover

Okay, so before I say anything, let me explain the colors. They are NOT HAPPY! No, in homestuck all the trolls (i just love them… all of them) have a different blood color (or different variations of the same colors, EX: teal, dark blue. or jade and neon green), so a rainbow means everyone is dead. Great, I’m glad we got that all cleared up. Moving on.

Let’s start with explaining the front cover. I used the text tool. Font: Old English (or some variation) I placed a picture of a human transmutation and inverted the color. The reason is, to attempt to transmute a human is the worst possible sin. It would corrupt the alchemist and the rest of the world. The zodiac signs can also be perceived as doom and unholy, as they can represent the trolls, death, doc scratch (end of the world), and a cult. Other than that I just opened up a new tab and opened the symbols and cut and pasted them into the front cover. Also, this was done on Adobe Photoshop.

Back cover… Well as I am a homestuck and Kurloz Makara’s head (or mouth rather) popped into my head for this. I used it because, it’s like he was pushed to the point that he ripped open his sewn mouth. All I did was  find a perfect a picture of Kurloz and changed the color. Then, I just added the songs (COLORS = DEATH), the barcode (666), and Nero’s band logo.

Also, Can’t Keep the Clown Down (CaNt DoWn ThE cLoWn) and TRIGGERED are homestuck references. I know I could have done more with the front cover to make it more epic doom metal, but I do like how it came out.

Like A Huss!


(O_O; the colors changed shades… >_<)

Well now, the homestucks might be mad for a) not wonderful  b) he has a mouth…well a bit of a mouth c) it’s Hussie. or happy for a) it’s Hussie, the colors?… Anyway, on to the information!

Beta Troll horns

Okay, so to create this picture of Hussie, I first found a live photo of him. I then imported the file into AI. Then, I chose colors (3) and made 3 layers. On each layer a different color went. In this case, the three colors of the horns. (Red, yellow, orange) On the first layer (orange) I traced his head. I then filled if in with the Blob brush. After, I went on the second layer (red) brought it to the top/front, and traced and filled in his hair and glasses. Then I went back to the orange layer, and traced his/ Sollux’s horns. I then went to the 3rd layer and brought it to the front. That layer was Yellow. I went over a few of his facial features. Not many as you can see. I then added the yellow background, and text. A technique I should have used was the “color swap” technique. It is where you select a part of the picture  and “swap” the color. It will fill it in if you do it right… which I did not. Okay, so I chose Hussie’s face because I am in my homestuck faze… I am a proud homestuck!(Hussie is the creator of homestuck if you didn’t know…) So the color choice was because of the troll’s horns. Also, I was inspired by Shepard Fairey. Yep…

Random thoughts of Nov, 2012 from 2nd per. (update as I go)

I am working on a Kanaya, Kankri, Egbert, and Karkat cosplays.

\/\/4+45|-|1 15 |34|< 0|35|_|

one of my shoes has


i need japanese snacks


I am going to convince my teacher to play Pon pon pon, po pi po caramelldanceen, or other (ignore spelling… O.O;)

well we watched something weird that wasn’t pon pon pon but… but it reminded me….

class is almost over

Hey so now for a homestuck post (leave now if you want)

Hey people, so I found some things that I could use for a Kankri cosplay. And since I gave up on my L wig (TT_TT;) I could just cut and style that. And maybe after I could restyle it for a Karkat cosplay. hehehe I really want to sing Karkalicious in public :3 that is my life goal as of now. Hehehe I’ll make sure my friend records it and I’ll post it here.

(class, ill finish later)