Spike Jonze California Movie Poster

The color for the man got erased… >_<

Okay, so for this project I used Adobe Illustrator to make a movie poster for Spike Jonze’s California music video. The tools I uses were the paintbrush too, the blob brush, and text tool. So here’s what it boils down to, I inserted the photos into a new file (each image on different layers) and on each layer, traced (drew) around the important parts with the paintbrush.to do this I zoomed in and put the brush on .1 for size. Before I colored with the blob brush (I’ll get to that in a minute) I added in text for the title.  To make it unique, you select it with the black arrow, and then double-click with the white to change the structure. To change the color, select with the black arrow, and then chose your desired color from the side panel or change it from the bottom left hand corner. Ok so back to the blob brush (Cool name, no?). What I liked to do was make a new layer and send it to the back for color. Okay so that, and then select the blob brush, and your color. Next just color in approximately what you want. To modify where the color goes, just select it with the black arrow, then move it around with the white just like with the text.

The imagery I used was extremely simple and I could have done a better job.  I didn’t finish coloring in the poster, and my lines were shaky on the inside of the car as well with parts of the bus. I spent too much time on the man and the fire. As so, I did not complete the poster. I also did not add in all the text. All in all, it was a good introduction to Adobe Illustrator. At least in my mind.

Oh, one other thing, I downloaded the wrong file so I had actually colored in and fixed almost everything, alas, I clicked the wrong file. Oh well, live and let learn