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A masterpiece, no?

[GAH! O.O I put “sempai” i meant “Senpai”. Please don’t hate me TT_TT ]



‘Sup Humans,

Ok so this time it’s a (short-ish) anime review (Enter desired sound effect).

Well I ink you will like it. I hope you at least like it a squiddle bit. Hehe, yes I am talking in squid-dialect from Ikamusume (Squid Girl).


I’m not completely sure why, but many people think it (Squid Girl) is….something else >_> … <_< …>_<

It’s more Moe that anything that you are thinking… REALLY!!!

I mean does this look that bad to you (If you are like one of my friends…please don’t answer that ^_^;)

Image from: ichimonai.com

Ok so this is one of my FAVORITE anime. It’s funny, it has humor (Squid dialect is epic. I mean can you really hate someone who uses squid in everything?)

Image from: failillithjezebeth.wordpress.com

The plot it fun. She comes to the Surface World to dominate the ~200 humans and ends up with a part time job.

Desu… this is a poor post, I’m just a squiddle bit tired. I’ll post more of this later today. I need to refresh my memory be watching Ikamusume tonight (Yes, a reason to watch anime without people wondering if I should be doing other “homework”)

Oh yeah, try making this hat…it’s fun

Image from: cowboybibimbop.soup.io

Bye Ni!!!


(I WILL add more later. I swear on L’s strawberry-cake!! That is…If my internet is working… TT_TT )


And we’re back! (Took long enough, Internet wasn’t working (it is now 11:08 PM….)

Ok so I tried to refresh my memory by watching I Ink Its a Radio?

After doing that (actually, I watched only the 2nd half…) I remembered that I just love the characters. They are unique and you can relate to all of them… well at least a little bit…. usually? Heh ^_^; Ok, well I mean, we’ve all been in  slightly similar situations at  some point or other. (I won’t go into detail because I will ruin so many great things… sorry)

Another great thing about it is that if you were miss an episode, you wouldn’t be absolutely lost. Sure there’s an especially important one here and there, but mostly you can just watch whatever episode you want.

Oh! And it have a few episodes meant to scare you the tiniest bit (Spoiler [sorta…]: That is, if you are {easily…?) creeped out by dolls and the likes like I am… O_O ) . And I mean, there are a few action scenes, and things that make you want to help the environment more!

Ok well I think my internet has been at it long enough (this is one of the reasons I don’t like living where I do…. That, and I’m convinced Slender Man is my neighbor… Maybe next time I’ll be random and talk about that… incident… O_O” …Maybe when it’s daytime…and I’m not at the place in question…yeah)

[And for the second time in one post…]

Bye ni!!



Image from: heartlocket.blogspot.com

Hey Human(s)!!!

Ok so right now I’m thinking about wigs…

Image from: aliexpress.com

Image from: ebay.com

Ok that’s enough wigs….I must get off google images…

Yeah, Ok. Well the reason is that my friends and I are gonna go and put on our wigs after school and be awesome. Ok so only two plus of us are gonna have the wigs on… Ok anyway, I have a few tips on wigs.

Ok so If you have long hair as I did (28 inches long) What I would do was I’d braid my hair in the center of the back of my head, and wrap the braid around the back of your head. (I took a video a few months ago so maybe ill fix it up and post it.) and then pit it up like CRAZY!!! I’m talking like 30-50 bobby-pins and clips. Once you have that done, use hairspray (I recommend aquanet, I forget which one but I know it’s purple….So helpful.) Then put on your wig-cap. Make sure it’s more or less flat. Now put your wig on. Make sure to get the flap-tab like things on your temples. Now style your wig and you should be good. You may have a bump under the wig so I recommend making it a tad bit messy.

Ok so short hair. I’m still getting used to mine (been a month, its short now) . But I’ll say what I know (I’ll post more info as I go) So brush your hair. Try different ways. Ok so put the wig-cap on so it goes over the back of your head and gets the end of your hair. then bring that up and get your bangs (if you have them) and tuck your bangs in. I have found another way but I need to see if it works for other people as well. Ok so when you have the wig-cap on. you can choose to or not to spray it. Then put the wig on, and make sure to get the flap-tab like things on your temples. Now style your wig and you should be good.

OH YEAH!!!! Ok so remember to pin the wig to your hair! So it doesn’t fall/blow/get ripped off. Also make sure to put the little hooks on the back of the wig on the correct size!! If you don’t your wig could be way too big or way too small!! and you will have the hooks sticking out the back… not cool.

Ok so I’ve lost track of my point. I’ll just post this now…

Bye ni!!


Otaku ramblings

Greetings human(s),


That may just sum up this entire blog. Well, that is  if you think manga, anime, cosplayers, wigs, Vocaloids, otakus, fangirls, para para, and more of that good randomness is “Weird” . Oh speaking of that, did you see Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos ?

I had seen it on the first day it came out. It was good. I was happy that no one called Edward short. It was subbed and Winry’s voice was so cute ^_^

Oh, I forgot to mention I ramble on A LOT!!

Moving on…

Oh yeah, I’ve been working on an L cosplay (from deathnote)

Image from: layoutsparks.com

Yeah, I wore it to AX  (Anime Expo). It sucked. I’m still fixing my wig TT_TT

Too fluffy. Too flat. Too sharp. Cheap wig (not enough “hair”). and all in all it cost $100.  >_<

My friend and I are trying to learn the Sailor Fuku dance! So fun ^_^ (The dance is from Lucky Star)

Oh yeah!!!

I’m working on a Haruhi Fujioka coaplay. (Ouran High school Host Club)

Image from: Fanpop

Ok well I will leave you now (class is almost over)


P.S. Sorry for poor spelling, I don’t feel like I have time to go back and fix it -_-;

So Long to the King of Kong?

King of Kong; A Fistful of Quarters revolves around Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell, and occasionally Walter Day. Basically, Billy is the King Kong champ, but Steve challenges that. The scores rally, and near the end it appears the Billy has gotten the final score. Steve tried his best and feels like he won something. But, later Guinness calls Walter Day, the referee, and asks for tops scores on some of the classic games. Walter then asks Steve if he would participate. At the end, Steve surpasses Billy’s top score and becomes the world champion.

When Steve Wiebe puts his mind to something, he does it. He’s a teacher, an athlete, artist, a bit of a musician, and more than a bit compulsive. Trouble is, he’s not very lucky. He puts pressure on himself and lets it get to him. Through the course of this film he loses himself while beating Donkey Kong. He starts to slip from his family (Wife and two kids) As his Daughter said “Some people ruin their lives to be in it” It being Guinness. He got the 1st Kill-screen at Fun spot. On Aug. 3, 2006 Steve got his high score of 1,049,100.

Billy Mitchell had the top score for Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR. After Steve got what was a supposed high-score (nine hundred thousand something) He (Billy) sent in a never before seen tape that held this record. This tape may or may not have been tampered with. That score was 1,047,200. Steve beat this score by the end of the film. Billy has a wife and runs a restaurant. “He always has a plan” as his wife and others have said.

Walter Day is the referee. He is all “For the players” He helps support Steve throughout the film. He plays the guitar.

For a spell video games consume Steve. They create a challenge for Billy and they cause different problems for others.

The music and editing sets up the mood for what is happening or what is to come next. It makes you expect and suspect. The movie and its editing play in favor of Steve. Example: it down plays Roy, who could be seen as a problem and doesn’t shed the best light on Billy. The music was upbeat for good gaming. The music is sad when Steve is beaten again. The editing takes a break from the story line, concluding for the first “end” and wrapping it up for a few months. The final concluding music is happy, upbeat, and triumphant. They use Talking heads and other techniques.

I paid more attention and learned more about editing. I also learned more about classic gaming.

I liked King of Kong. The editing and music made it entertaining. The storyline was interesting. They portrayed the characters so you felt sympathetic for Steve. You don’t need to love or know much about video games to enjoy this film.