tumblr is my life

…Tumblr has takeover (and become) my life… Really, on Saturday I hung out with some friends at one of their houses. We were awesome and were on tumblr a bit, played video games, wore wigs, all that awesome crap. Then I get gone at around 11 (I think), and I stayed on until ~5:35 – 6 AM… then i slept and went back on… (O_O) In fact, I was just on tumblr… (>_<;) I blame my friends who made me an account. The reason I didn’t make one was because I knew I would get this way… I’m a very obsessive person… Nya… Ok well I post weird random anime, homestuck, quotes, and that sorta stuff… yeah, ok well my URL is http://brainofthebored.tumblr.com/   ….I warn you now, If you are hesitating, try later. I do reblog some weird stuff… Hehehehe yes, weird stuff (please don’t run!!!)


L related randomness… (^_^)


So Fricken excited!!! So yesterday I saw my cousins and guess what… :3 They gave me an awesome late birthday gift. An L figure and also a L phone strap. Sorry that my typing is off and I skipped the greeting, but… well I don’t have an excuse… nya… Anyway, So I haven’t taken it out yet.

Speaking of L, I’m fed up with my wig (Kira, write pathetic 100$ excuse for an L wig in the Deathnote please) So last night I tried to make my hair like L’s and it came sorta close. But I had to go to sleep (it was late ok…Or early if you want) so because I was annoyed I rubbed my hairspray covered head with a towel for no real reason, and I got it to look even better than my wig (still didn’t look perfect but im still working on it…) And I lost my eyeliner so I need to find that… Soon… =_=;

Ok well class is about to end, so I’ll finish this up at lunch…maybe… Tumblr might redirect me… (^_^;) K bye ni!!


PS I’ll post tons of pics soon!!!


[Note to self; Tell Nya-Sama about the YH vid…]

|<atchy |<-pop

‘Sup Lifeforms,

So in class to day we watched/ listened to K-pop. (and I think I’ve been hooked… :3) And I’m here to compare and stuff… So lets go!!

So the main things we watched were Super Junior, Girls Generation, a few others, and (as you probably guessed… =_=;) Psy.

So I guess I’ll compare U.S.A. and Korea’s music. Including

(I ran out of time in class. I’ll finish up this post tomorrow, or Sunday [because I can use the internet again on Sunday, I ran out of data for the month… =_=; ])

“Let Forever Be”, A Photoshop First

Ok so weird picture right? I mean, four people who look more or less exactly the same with a wide gap between skin tones. That’s not “normal” is it? Well nether are Michel Gondry’s videos. A large amount of his videos have a repetitive theme. And that’s exactly where this came from (Ok well first it entered my head from my eyes, then to my brain, then off to Photoshop, then to my blog, and now to your/a screen). I was inspired by the music video “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers. I enjoyed the repetitiveness of the video (weird… I’m being repetitive about being repetitive… O.O wow) So In the video there was a part where the person went into her head (at least, that’s how I saw it) and turned into something a bit like the picture I (tried) to create. The techniques I used were probably the most basic ones that you could. All I did was cut out the pictures, layer them, move them to were I wanted, and copied and pasted a few times. And that’s it…. ^_^; Yeah, I could have done more but I’m me… Well I think that’s all I have to say

Bye ni!!


P.S. I’ll post the video later.

P.P.S. I just remembered that she may have had a pink skirt on… not a red dress… >_< … Well its too late now… Nya…

And here is the video 

|_34|2/\/1/\/9 |_337

‘/0, $|_||> |>30|>13,

Hahaha, so as you can (hopefully) see, I am trying to learn |_337 (leet). It turns out that I have been speaking a light version for a while (“for the win”, “haxorz” and other stuff). And it turns out that my friend that turns out to “speak” |_337  has no clue (‘/34|-|, 1/\/\ +41|<1/\/9 +0 ‘/0|_| |>4+.-!<|<) what it even is. I had first actually read it in Mega Tokyo. (3\/1|_ |_337 |=0.- 7|-|3 \/\/1/\/!) So I’m just gonna practice now.. so my speech isn’t that good (or bad if you wanna go that way)

0|< |3’/3 /\/1!!

– |<|>\/

just found this one (under). its the shirt from MT